Charles H. Reinike III

I began my career painting watercolor landscapes, but I also worked as a muralist. Architectural elements were an important part of that work.  The large scale of the murals readily translated into the large canvases I now use.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to restore ecclesiastical art in a number of old churches in New Orleans.  This often involved research into religious symbolism.  Later, I was commissioned to do original artwork for churches and for synagogues.  This was a natural path for me, since in addition to my art studies, my formal education had centered primarily on the study of Philosophy and Ancient Greek Language.     

One of my earliest solo exhibits dealt with Genesis and the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  It was a number of years though before these experiences solidified into a direction for me.  My interest in philosophy and metaphysics slowly found a voice in various works as I began experimenting along the way. 

Watercolor gradually gave way to oils in my search for a certain timelessness to deal with where Man has been and where He is going.  I have continually developed techniques that allow me to create art works of that are not limited by traditional materials and that are uniquely appropriate to their settings.  I search for beauty and harmony, but my paintings also have a message for the viewer.   





Reinike Portrait


Over the past thirty years, I have developed my own style and symbols. My works include paintings, pewter bas-relief, pewter functional pieces, fired-enamel-on-copper, painted murals, fired-tile murals, serigraphs, and wood carvings.  I have recently begun to create jewelry as a further development of my pewter work. In addition to commissioned work, I have produced thirteen one-man exhibitions.  

 - Charles H. Reinike III