Streaming 57 X 34 by Charles H. Reinike III


- Charles H. Reinike III -

oil on canvas

57" X 34"

In his artist's statement for Streaming Reinike muses, "Belief in a god, or a supreme being, is universal among mankind. However, different cultures have different ways of dealing with the spiritual world, the power of which creates, directs or sustains the universe. There are also those who find guidance in life outside of spiritual or religious beliefs. Having goals and beliefs is part of what makes us human."

In describing the painting he explains, "Vertical wavy lines climb relentlessly upward in a parallel formation, representing paths to God or to some ultimate awareness. Being embedded with figures, these paths act as guides for those souls or individuals who would follow them to achieve their goals. A brilliantly lighted archway in the background represents that ultimate goal."

"Whether a spiritual path to God or an intellectual path to Awareness and Reason, these parallel paths are visual reminders that there is many methods of reaching these ultimate goals. Enlightenment can be, and has been, achieved by many different approaches," he says.

"Each individual path contains a figure singled out with a nimbus. Every culture or society has its exemplary members, those who are worthy of being followed or emulated. Some are called the Chosen One. Others are referred to as Supreme Leader. Still others are designated as saints."

Streaming hanging
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Streaming 57 X 34 by Charles H. Reinike III