The View That Colors Us 44 X 60 by Donna Johnson

The View That Colors Us (triptych)

- Donna Johnson -

encaustic/cold wax mixed media

44" X 60" (3 panels each 44" X 20" plus 1" floater frame)

The subject is in response to all the sexual misconduct toward women and the culture of looksism that promotes it. The man on the left is so captivated by the woman in the center that he doesn't even see the lotus behind him.

The woman in the center I think of as my Edith (Klimt). She is nothing but persona. Her face is not really there. We see eyes and lips and assume a face.

The two women on the right are also viewing Edith, but they are grounded on their own stance. They are reflected by light from above and their colors pick up on the lotus from the first panel so we assume some higher consciousness. We don't see their individual faces so we don't really know what they think about Edith. They are dressed as everyday women or All Women. - Donna Johnson

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