Part of our goal as a gallery is to encourage talented artists to pursue their careers even if they do not show in our gallery. Art takes many forms and artists have many voices. Their contribution to society is immeasurable.

We plan to make this page a resource page for artists. Be watching for information updates.

Check back occasionally, and if you have any suggestions, send us an e-mail at


Here are our starter suggestions:

A very good book is The Business of Being an Artist by Daniel Grant. While we may not agree with all of his ideas, it is a pretty thorough book and covers many different aspects of art. He is also the author of many excellent articles in magazines and now online at the Huffington Post.

Artists are in the strange position of usually having to buy their materials at retail to sell at wholesale. One online site to consider is Jerry's Artarama. The web site is not exactly aesthetic, but it is a resource to check out.