Gretchen Eppling

Artist's Statement

What an extraordinary gift to have had the artist parents that I had! The encouragement to create, explore, investigate, and to be one’s self. A home filled with music, literature, and beauty.

This, together with some extraordinary teachers, and the gift of raising my own children (and teaching others) has brought me to where I am with my art.

What is important for me is to absorb the subject matter and to glean from it what is essential, awe inspiring, and true; then to express this, always, with movement, light and simplicity.

I am really only comfortable with materials that can create subtly and can be applied with immediacy yet can withstand reworking - pastel, conté and water- based materials.

It is important for me to communicate, share and uplift.


- Gretchen Eppling, 2010




Eppling Portriat