New Orleans' native Carolyn Busenlener received her B.F.A., with a painting major, from Newcomb College of Tulane University. Ida Kohlmeyer was one of her instructors at that time - a lasting influence that is evident in Ms Busenlener’s work even today. The artist's studio is in an idyllic setting on a bayou next to a pond in Pearlington, Mississippi.

Using a deeply personal language of form and gesture, she paints intuitive abstracts that are inspired by the forms she finds in nature and the architectural forms of her former hometown of New Orleans. Her paintings show a love of experimentation with layering, scraping, mark-making, and texture.

My abstract work flows from my belief in the capacity of art to create its own world. I often do not have a preconceived plan for my abstract work. I begin a painting by making marks which then lead to color choices and suddenly the painting takes on a life of its own. The paintings are often about the act of painting itself; its gestural rhythms, the power of color, the expressiveness of marks and the interaction of textures. - Carolyn Busenlener