Waterlily Table by Charles H. Reinike III

Waterlily Table

- Charles H. Reinike III -


16" h X 36" w X 18" d

Currently Available in Gallery


The small waterlily table on view in the gallery measures 16" X 36" X 18". The glass is pierced but the waterlilies can be removed for cleaning.  A frog perches on one of the lily pads. A crawfish crawls along the bottom.

There are many possible variations of the waterlily table.

The small side tables are 16" X 16" X 16" with needlefish in both. Other elements vary.  Side tables are available only by commission.

Large commissioned table.

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Waterlily Table by Charles H. Reinike III

Reinike designed the pewter tables with an open base so that if placed on an oriental rug the pattern could still be seen.