Pewter and Walnut Bar by Charles H. Reiinike III

Charles H. Reinike III is both a painter and a metalsmith whose pewter creations clearly demonstrate his artistic range. Reinike's training as a sculptor allows him to create objects that transcend mere function.

Metalwork available in the gallery varies from time to time as the artist experiments with new ideas. He creates lamps, tables, wine caddies, candle holders, bookends and candlesnuffers. His works range from small lily pads with fanciful creatures atop them to major commissioned works for private residences, restaurants, churches and synagogues.

Tables, lamps and other pieces can be made to order fitting the client's specific needs. For commissioned works, Reinike often creates small scale models or detailed sketches for the client.

Since 1988, Reinike has produced a hand-crafted ornament for the Christmas season. He also creates unique pieces of jewelry with his pewter elements combined with sterling silver or with leather.

Reinike chooses to work in pewter because it gives him complete artistic control. Because pewter doesn't tarnish like silver, it retains its luster and beauty with minimal care. Contemporary pewter is a "white bronze," with no lead content. The raw material is considerably more expensive than traditional bronze.

No two pieces of pewter are identical because Reinike hand-crafts each object. He sculpts the subject, he makes the moulds, he pours the moulds, he trims and shapes the pieces, he tones them and then polishes them. Then he joins the individual pieces to create his lamps, tables, lily-pads and other constructions. Each artwork is signed by the artist and is uniquely his creation.