Reinike's paintings include his Fields series that centers around a celebration of natural forms, a Transition series that is essentially abstract, the Essence series that is figurative and his Arch series that uses symbols to weave stories within the paintings. The most recent group of paintings centers around his trips to Sanibel Island and the flora and fauna that are often Overlooked. The various series sometimes overlap as the artist brings his vision to the canvas.

Small studies for his larger oil canvases are usually rendered in watercolor. Panels he carves and paints are also part of his portfolio.

Although he is best known as a painter, Reinike is also a master metalsmith. His early formal training was as a sculptor at LSU where he earned his degree in Philosophy with minors in art and Ancient Greek Language. In addition to his paintings, he has created murals in pewter as well as functional objects and jewelry.


Evening 40 X 40 by Charles H. Reinike III


Oil on canvas

40 X 40

Entangled 42 X 40 by Charles H. Reinike III


Oil on canvas

42 0X 42

Uplifting 48 X 36 by Charles H. Reinike III


Oil on canvas

48 X 36