After a forty-five year plus career in broadcasting, w.e. pugh has come full-circle and returned to painting. He moved from San Diego and has settled in Savannah, GA.

Pugh's work features multiple layers of heavy acrylic paint that invite the viewer to peer into the canvas to see every small detail.

The artist pays homage to his radio career in a series that he calls "static." The meticulously "woven" pieces are a visual reference to an auditory experience. At first glance the paintings appear to be tiny wires woven together, but closer inspection reveals the strands are heavy layers of paint.

In one series, floral subjects float on the canvas like notes on a musical score. The joy of a fresh box of crayons or soft new pencils are celebrated in another series of deep swirls. His works are light-hearted and playful, but masterfully crafted.