"Petals" Preliminary Study by Charles H. Reinike III

Petals (Study)

- Charles H. Reinike III -

Oil on Canvas

18" X 18"


Petals (Study) withFlora- Yellow Spikes and Flicker - all three by Charles H. Reinike III. Thruline by Henry Callahan and two paintings by w.e. pugh are in the background.

Reinike's small study allows him to preview and modify his design as he works on a larger painting. Although the study and the final painting are not identical, they are equally rich and engaging.

"Petals" (study) on display at Reinike Gallery

The large 48 X 48 Petals painting hanging at Reinike Gallery.

"Petals" (study)on display at Reinike Gallery
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"Petals" preliminary study 18 X 18 by Charles H. Reinike III