Bon Ton Cafe Dining Room with Guests

Fish, Seafood and Fowl Panels

Bon Ton Cafe - New Orleans, LA

- Chas. H. Reinike and Charles H. Reinike III -

pewter and walnut

Bon Ton Main Dining Room

The three panels in the dining room feature a wreath of vegetables and herbs. Inside the top wreath are fish, inside the second one are shellfish, and inside the bottom wreath are game birds and fowl.

Bon Ton Fish, Game and Seafood Panels
Behind the bar is a pewter depiction of the Mississippi River with steamboats and dock workers loading cotton in the 1800s.
Bon Ton Bar Left Panel
Bon Ton Bar Right Panel

Bon Ton Cafe - Central Business District - New Orleans, LA

Bon Ton Cafe Exterior View

Noted for it's Cajun Cuisine, the Bon Ton Cafe was an amazing dining experience. The highly rated restaurant had an understated and elegant dining room embellished with original pewter work by Chas. H. Reinike and his son, Charles H. Reinike III.

Sadly, after 70 years the family that owned this fine restaurant sold it and retired in 2020, taking with them the pewter panels and mural behind the bar.

Bar at Bon Ton Cafe