Aquarium Lamp

Aquarium Lamp

Reinike's lamps use natural forms. Natural elements such as Waterlilies, Kudzu and Okra form the bases. Small pewter creatures inhabit the whimsical environment Reinike has created.

Okra Candle holder

A pillar candle fits well in this candle holder that doubles as a wine caddy.

Okra Wine Caddy

When there is no wine on the table, this okra wine caddy can be used to hold a vase of flowers or a candle as a centerpiece.

Small Pewter Objects

Reinike created lily pads and small creatures.

pewter and wood


Reinike's bookends include Waterlilies, Kudzu and Okra. Small creatures also can be found on the bases of many of the bookends.

Pewter Bar
walnut and pewter

This bar was created in 1983. It shows the possibilities of commissioned pewter work.

Reinike Has created many works in pewter.

Unlike silver, pewter needs little maintenance and the color can be controlled by the artist.

Reinike works with highly polished surfaces with many of his works. In others, he uses the subtle dark tones of age.

Each piece is created and individually crafted by Reinike so each is unique..


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