Callahan Portrait

Artist's Statement

My paintings are Expressionist works that reference Nature: earth, sky and oceans. Even more specifically: mountains, deserts, underwater, forests, plains, lakes, the heavens…. our natural world. Nature speaks to, influences and inspires me to create works that reflect how I see the universe interacting with our lives and the environment in which we live. By channeling nature, I act as the medium through which these paintings manifest themselves.

My paintings are Abstract, but more than that, they are extensions of feelings and emotions inspired by their subject matter. Travel has broadened my view of the world and these paintings reflect my love of differing parts of the earth reflected here. The titles speak of specific place and location.

Intense and subtle color combinations are created by multiple layers of transparent and opaque paint which evoke a dialogue between the canvas and viewer. Nature speaks through these works to those who listen and see, beyond Abstraction.

My goal is not only to communicate, but more so to challenge the viewer to see Nature in ways not anticipated; when this occurs, I feel that I have succeeded..

–Henry Callahan

Henry Callahan was born in Athens, GA in 1947 and grew up in LaGrange, GA. As a child he showed a very strong interest in art so his parents arranged for him to receive private art tutoring with Marge Schilling, a protege of Jackson Pollock's wife Lee Krasner.

He studied Architecture at Auburn University but eventually transferred to Auburn's School of Art where he studied Visual Design with a minor in Painting. “I flourished in this environment especially with the encouragement of my painting professor Hugh O. Williams, who was inspirational and a dominant figure in my life by encouraging my understanding of color relationships and texture,” he says.

Callahan was graduated in 1969 from Auburn University with a BFA and moved to New York City where he worked as a graphic designer.

"The New York period of my life was an exciting one spent in exploration of the opportunities presented by the current art scene through visiting galleries and museums, and connecting with artists throughout the city," he says. "In my quest to explore more of the world, I left New York and traveled throughout Europe and North Africa where I painted constantly," he continues.

In 1984, Callahan founded a marketing communications firm in Baltimore, MD. He retired from that company in 2001. He has traveled extensively and many of his destinations have become inspiration for his paintings. He currently lives in Marietta, GA.

The combination of travel and graphic design has uniquely positioned Callahan to establish himself as an important painter with considerable skills and knowledge. The titles of many of his paintings are named for the exotic places where he has found his inspiration.